About Research Areas

Computational Materials Engineering and Process Modelling is a fast growing area in the field of metallurgical engineering. Our group is dedicated to explore and understand basic metallurgical phenomena using simulation and modeling techniques.

Atomistic Modeling of deformation of Materials

Design and development of application specific new functional materials based on the outcome of simulation studies at atomic level.
This includes:
  1. Molecular Dynamics based study of deformation behavior of material at nanoscale.
  2. Density Functional based study for designing application specific materials.

Material Informatics and Microstructural Image Processing

Structure property correlation based on data driven modelling(ML/DL application) and microstructural image processing for materials.
This includes:
  1. Structural property of High Entropy Alloy
  2. Digitization of Microstructures
  3. Phase Transformation
  4. Solidification
  5. Interface problems

Process modelling and Manufacturing Informatics

Statistical and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling of a metallurgical process to optimise the process parameters.
This includes:
  1. Computer Modelling of Welding Process
  2. Continuous casting process of steel
  3. Argon Oxygen Decarburization (AOD) process