About Me:

I have been working on projects in the Computational Material Science domain since third semester of my undergrad education, mainly on Molecular Dynamics. I hope to further my interests by learning and exploring sub-domains of DFT, CFD, Material Informatics and Quantum Computing. In my spare time, I write book reviews and create digital illustrations.

Tapashree Pradhan

B.Tech - Metallurgical & Materials (Major), Electronics & Communications (Minor)

Topics Studied:

  • Grain Boundary Engineering
  • High Entropy Alloys
  • Nano-Materials
  • Mechanical Deformation

Research Interests:

  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Density-Functional Theory
  • Quantum Computing


Tribology of High Entropy Alloys

The study aims to investigate the effect of crystal structure and lubrication on high entropy alloys with regards to adhesive wear mechanism Tech/Software used: LAMMPS, Atomsk, Moltemplate, OVITO

Status : Ongoing