About Me:

I am interested in process modelling and materials informatics using cutting edge technologies like Machine Learning, Deep learning and molecular dynamics. I like to work on diverse problems and design application specific solutions.

Devi Dutta Biswajeet

BTech- MTech Dual Degree Final Year

Topics Studied:

  • Machine learning
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • Process Metallurgy

Research Interests:

  • Process modelling in steel industry using Artificial intelligence
  • Molecular dynamics simulations of Thermophysical properties of molten systems
  • Machine learning for potential file generation


Optimization of High Alumina slag properties using Machine learning and Molecular Dynamics

Technology/Software: Python, Streamlit, LAMMPS

Status : Ongoing

Work Experience/Internships:

Student research collaborator in consultancy project, Tata Steel Ltd.

May 20XX- Jul 20XX